Cricket as a sport

Cricket bat is a sport played in between two groups of 11 members each. It is played much like baseball way in the sense that the player of a group bats and aim to get runs and the other group has to stop. It is one of the national sports in the UK and particularly popular in the 53 countries of the Commonwealth of Nations.

The origin of cricket remains in England, however, it is uncertain when. There is a theory that cricket history began when it was invented by children from the neighborhoods located in between Kent and Sussex in middle ages times. Likewise, they have been information about a similar sport practiced by Prince Edward Nawenden in 1300 called “cream”. By 1550 currently, it was played in some schools and later, in the seventeenth century, cricket was spreading out through southern England where football with 11 gamers per side was played. In the late eighteenth century, the national sport of the nation and Midlesex Country Club (MCC), set the guidelines and supervise the game until 1969. Later on, some modifications were made and the very first World Cup was held in 1975 developed. Today it is an extremely popular game in countries that have adopted it, however not so in the remainder of the world.

The cricket field is an oval grass court and not less than a football field size. In the center of the court is a rectangular shape 20.12 meters long by 3.4 meters wide. This land is called a pitch and is where most of the game is played and this is where one group throws the ball and the opposing team Punt.

The components are cricket ball, measuring 6 cm in diameter and is covered with leather; the bat, that unlike baseball, is not round, however, flattened, with a meter long and 10.8 centimeters broad; and wickets, which are located wickets to midfield at the two ends of the launch area and batting; They include 3 sticks to 2 pieces of wood (bails) on them, which fall if hit by the ball.

Cricket is to hit the ball as far as possible to achieve to race. Players operate in sets; one situated at one end of the join in front of a wicket and the other is located at the other end by the pitcher of the opposing group a wicket between them. The batting, it will be as far as possible for both batsmen run to the opposite end but prior to the ball shows up; if they do get a career. If the ball came really far, they can keep ranging from one end to the other and score more runs. The opposing group must try to avoid the races. Those looking for batted ball are defenders and must attempt to return the ball as rapidly as possible. Each pitcher will have 6 pitches, making a complete if over, then it is replaced by another pitcher. The game continues like this until the throwing team removes the opposing gamers so that they can no more do couples; It takes place when an entry is finished and passed to the second entrance where the thrower becomes the batter. That quantity of time is due to the fact that it is very challenging to eliminate a gamer and the goal is to eliminate 10.

Ways to eliminate a gamer or make an out

The ways are-bring down one of the pieces of wood with the ball; take the ball prior to falling to the ground after he was batted; take apart the wood pieces prior to the batter reaches one end (Go out); if the batter does not maintain at least one foot at its base by striking (Crease) and failing an opposing player picks up the ball and reduces the pieces of wood; if the batter prevents your body, with the ball knock down the wooden pieces (Leg Prior to Wicket); if the batter hits the wicket unbalances and (Struck Wicket); if the batter takes the ball permission rivals (Dealing with The Ball) and if the replacement batsman takes longer than two minutes to get prepared (Break).

One of the most respected players is the Australian cricket Donald Bradman, who is considered the best batsman in history. He died at 92 in February 2001.

An essential part of cricket or English “cricket” tournament is the World Cup Cricket. It has been held every 4 years from 1975 and nations that have won are-Australia, Caribbean  and Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India.